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Why choose the Tiny house life?

Choose a better lifestyle, not just a house! A tiny house means less clutter and more time for you.

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How to choose the perfect Tiny plan for me?

Family home, holiday house or a forest house? Each of us is different, so our tiny houses can be customized and adapted to your needs and desires. Together we can find the best solution for your dream house!

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How long does it take?

One of the advantages of tiny houses is that it's guaranteed to take less time than building a traditional house. P.S. You are always welcome to visit us and see the actual building process of your tiny home.

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When's the right time to choose a Tiny house?

Do you want more from life? Do you want to focus more on your loved ones and the memories you create together rather than on material things? Do you want to live a more sustainable and mindful life? Then it's definitely the right time to go tiny!

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Can you live Tiny with kids?

Going Tiny might just be the best thing for you family. Why? Tiny living encourages a closer family relationship, more quality time together, a more mindful life and more outdoor activities that everyone, especially kids, will benefit from!

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They went Tiny

Curious to see others that chose to live Tiny? Let's see their experience with Eco Tiny House.

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"Before opening our first glamping we came into contact with EcoTiny. We were looking for unique and aesthetically beautiful accommodations that were fully equipped. Together we further developed the Combi model. At the moment we have a total of 33 tiny houses from EcoTiny on our glamings.

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Patrick Ligthart, Co-owner of TinyParks


How can I get my Eco Tiny House?

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Get in touch with us! We will guide you through and identify the perfect model for you.

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