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a TINY HOUSE? What is that actually?

Well it’s a house, but smaller. Actually it is a normal house, made of wood and built on a trailer so that one can tow it from A to B. It is the pretty sister of a caravan. Beside the mobility, it offers a wonderful feeling of home and cosiness..

The concept was born in the US and Europeans started to go for it in the past years, because besides looking good they can be so much more than just a home: a mobile-office, art-atelier, guest-house, extra rooms for your teenagers that need privacy in the backyard, nursery, yoga retreat, vacation house, library. And all these mobile.

What else? Well if you decide you want turn you tiny house into an art gallery, you can do that just by re-arranging the interior. With modular furniture, all tinies are versatile.

A tiny house is the best construction to put in a green natural environment and it will be a sensation wherever you take it.

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