Great Storage Ideas for Tiny Homes

Great Storage Ideas for Tiny Homes

While we are aware of the fact that the tiny house movement is a constantly growing phenomenon, we also know that many are reluctant to this new way of life. Because let’s face it, tiny living is more than just moving to a smaller house, it’s also a whole new lifestyle to get accustomed to. One of the most common reasons for people to be uncertain whether they want to move into a tiny house or not is space. Less space at home means less personal space and less storage space. Is it best to own a lot of things, or is downsizing really the key to living a smaller, happier life with less? Just put it this way: having less possessions lets you enjoy the moments, and having less space around the house means spending more time together with your loved ones, in the same space. But how can we make the most of our tiny space? If you have lived in a huge house all your life, you probably have piled up a bunch of things and when time comes to decide what comes with you in a tiny house and what must go, you’ll most likely have to channel your inner Marie Kondo for the decision-making process: only keep the stuff that you’ll use on a daily basis and the possessions that bring you joy. As for clothes – let’s be honest here, if you haven’t worn that shirt in the last 2 years, you’ll probably never wear it again. Whether you live in a tiny house hooked to utilities or enjoy your tiny living off the grid, always on the move, there’s plenty of ways to get creative with storage. Here’s some of our top tips for you:

Create a lounge area storage

Usually tiny houses have a separate sleeping space and a tiny living room or lounge area where you can spend time during the day, read, watch a movie or have guests over. Make the relax zone more practical by adding some storage space, too. For example, you can get a bedframe with drawers under the mattress for extra storage and you can also add storage boxes, baskets or drawers and shelves underneath the sofa or any seating area. This is a practical and stylish way to increase your storage space in a tiny house.

Get creative under the countertops

Just as you need countertops in a large house, you’ll need some tops in a tiny, too, because you need space for your kitchenette, to put appliances on and to prepare the food. Make the most of the space underneath your countertops by adding all sorts of shelves and drawers to store kitchen items, a built-in garbage bin or compost bin or even a small washing machine. There’s plenty of large items you can fit under your countertops, so get creative and thus you’ll find a place for everything in your tiny house.

Seek multi-use furniture and built-in accessories

Multi-use furniture is gaining popularity since it’s a great choice for all sorts of small spaces, including cabins, lofts and, of course, tiny houses. Nowadays you will find the most creative and versatile pieces of multi-use furniture such as foldable tables that can be hung on the wall as a mirror, foldable two-in-one table and chairs, pull-out clotheslines and even a clothes dryer you can fold up by the window and use as blinds.

Another great place to build in your items is the floor. You can have a pop-up mirror and versatile storage spaces for basically anything you want to keep out of the way when not needed.

Install shallow shelves

Having some sort of pantry is essential for storing food, but the good old deep shelves just won’t do in a tiny house. Having several shallow shelves on the wall allows you to store everything you need from packaged food to jars and cans, while also having everything at hand and in sight. You can kiss goodbye your days of searching at the bottom of your deep shelves. However, while having a storage area you can easily access and see through is really practical, if you don’t want a pantry exhibit when your guests arrive, you can just as easily mask it with a sliding door.

Combine your bathroom sink and toilet

Even if you are hooked up to a water source, there are some easy and smart ways to save and reuse water, while also saving space. It is a great idea to install your bathroom sink atop of your toilet water tank – this way you can flush the toilet with the water you have already used to wash your hands.

Make the most of your under-stair storage possibilities

Many tiny house manufacturers – Eco Tiny House included – create a gallery for the sleeping bed that you can access using a ladder or some stairs. While a ladder takes up less space, we consider stairs to be a simpler approach, which also makes for some great extra storage space. You can set up some drawers and shelves under the stairs, but you can also have a hidden bathroom or bunker underneath – kind of Harry Potter style.

These are just a few ways for you to get the much-needed storage in your tiny home, but since every tiny house is different and so is every tiny home owner, you’ll find the solutions that work best for you once you’ve moved in and explored all the possibilities.