Living Big in Tiny Houses

Living Big in Tiny Houses

Tiny house living means so much more than just packing your bags and actually moving into a small house. It is a relatively new, yet growingly popular movement and lifestyle, which, in spite of including a bunch of changes, helps the people living in the tiny homes lead a happier and more wholesome life. While some people choose this lifestyle merely because it is more economical and easier to maintain – thinking about those with financial or social issues, such as single parents or low-income families – most tend to see it as a chance to start fresh and live their life only focusing on the things that truly matter, which is the people around us and what we do together. It comes as no surprise that having less possessions actually makes people happier. With these being said, let’s dive right into why exactly living in a tiny house is actually better for us and our overall well-being.

Less space means less possessions

Every tiny journey begins with decluttering, because when you spend your whole life in a traditional, larger house, you need to be very strict when time comes to pack your bags and move into a tiny home. You’ll have to inventory everything you own, figure out if you truly need certain objects and clothes or not, and either throw out, sell or donate the things you are unlikely to use when living in your new, significantly smaller home.

Even after the move, you will have to be very conscious when shopping, which means no more impulsive buying or retail therapy – everything you purchase should have a previously determined role in your home. Whether we talk about clothes or home décor objects, only buy the things you really need. Besides helping you avoid having unnecessary stuff, it will save you a lot of money. Same applies for groceries: since you won’t have a large fridge and a spacious pantry in your tiny house, it is advisable to go grocery shopping with a list, so that no food goes to waste.

You will realize in no time that having less stuff and seeing through everything you own will give you joy.

Everyone gets to spend more time together

When you live in a huge house with plenty of rooms, family members tend to spend more time alone, each of them doing something different. However, when living in a tiny house, almost every ‘room’ in your home is connected. Since you are in the same area most of the time, you will likely spend more time together, whether it is cooking and cleaning or watching movies and playing board games.

This will help you see that true quality time is the time spent with the ones you love.

Tiny living helps keep everything more organized

Even though tiny living in itself is good for downsizing and decluttering your life, maintaining some sort of order in your house is mandatory in order for it to always look and feel like a home. The same things piled up or scattered all over the place look a lot different in a huge house and in a tiny home, where it looks more like a giant mess. If you don’t keep your home organized and tidy, it won’t be a pleasant place to spend time in.

Living in a tiny home will require you to learn new organizing techniques, including smart storage tips and useful cleaning hacks, so that you can enjoy every minute spent home.

You’ll never have to worry about moving or travelling

Moving into a mobile tiny house is a great choice because it will make both travelling and moving a lot easier. When travelling, you can take your house with you just like you’d take an RV, except this time, you don’t have to pack anything, because all of your possessions also go with you wherever you go. Even better, you won’t have to look for accommodation – perhaps you’ll only have to pay some ‘parking space’ fee –, which also saves you money. When you decide to move to another city, you can just take your house and park it in the new place, without having to rent, buy or build another home and move all your stuff in.

You will live a greener, more sustainable life

First of all, you can save a lot of money when living in a tiny house, since most of your utility bills will be cheaper. You can also set up some solar panels for electricity and heating, you can reuse water and you can also try growing your own food, all of which also help with your savings, while also making for eco-friendly choices. Using less resources, conscious buying and DIY-ing around the house will help you live a more sustainable life, which benefits both the planet and your well-being. All in all, I’d say that tiny houses have taught us that living a simpler life in a small space and owning less things definitely helps us focus more on our own well-being, on spending time building ourselves and connecting with our dear ones – all of which make for a more joyful, fulfilled and wholesome life. Find joy in the small things – they say – and we can’t think of a better small thing to give us joy than a tiny house of our own, which gives us a whole lot of freedom and possibilities to discover.