Firewood Donation Initiative

We consider ourselves lucky because we not only build 🚗 _ 🏠 but fulfill dreams as well. It’s a really uplifting experience to see the sincere joy on our clients’ faces and we think it’s important to pass on the love we receive.

One of Eco Tiny House's goals has always been to help those in need. As an example, it was clear from year one that the scrap wood we produce can be put to good use. This is how the 'Firewood Donation' program was started in 2019. The process is quite simple: leftover wood is not thrown in the trash, instead, each member of our team collects them in separate boxes. When the boxes fill up, they are emptied in containers built on palettes.

As the holidays approach, we invite our social media followers to let us know about families in need where a palette of firewood would come in handy. In the first year, we gave away several pallets of wood to three families in the Csík area. In 2020 we donated six pallets of wood to four families. This year we plan to organize the program again and give away even more wood; we are building more houses at the same time and that means more scrap wood.

If you live around Csíkszereda, you can contribute too by notifying us about people or families who could really use a bit of extra warmth in their home. We plan to organize the event periodically and not just in the festive season, so follow us on social media to find out when we will launch the next round!