1 Tiny =
10 planted trees

Lets plant
some trees

For every tiny house we sell, we plant 10 trees at the location where the tiny is or where there’s a high request for re-forestation. We work in partnership with the environment authorities and plant when they tell us it’s the ideal moment. Right now, we owe the Universe 160 trees. Keep tuned to see our funny tree planting activities.

social activities

social activities

Lets plant some trees - 2021 edition

Some of our eager colleagues teamed up with a group of high school kids and went on to reforest an area that was affected by heavy winds. Check out th [...]

Firewood Donation Initiative

We consider ourselves lucky because we not only build 🚗 _ 🏠 but fulfill dreams as well. It’s a really uplifting experience to see the sincere joy on o

Fuss neki!

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