Tiny House?
What is that actually?

Well it’s a house, but smaller.

Actually it is a normal house, made of wood and built on a trailer so that one can tow it from A to B. It is the pretty sister of a caravan. Beside the mobility, it offers a wonderful feeling of home and cosiness..

A tiny house is the best construction to put in a green natural environment and it will be a sensation wherever you take it.

how to order

how to

Step 1
Get in touch with us

We would like to learn more about your wishes, desires and expectations when it comes to your custom tiny house. Even if you are unsure of what and how you would like, we are happy to guide you through and identify your needs. Once we identify all the above, we are going to send you a personalized offer and once you are happy with our offer we go ahead and sign an execution contract.

Step 2
We design your custom Tiny House

Based on your needs and expectations we are going to design your tiny house. We will send you architecture, design, plumbing and electricity plans followed by render pictures of your final design. Once you are 100% happy with all aspects we will be ready for the actual building phase.

Step 3
We build your custom tiny house

You will receive updates on your project regularly in photo and video format. You are always welcome to visit us as well and have a look at the actual building of your tiny house.  

Step 4
Delivery and warranty

We deliver tiny houses all over Europe. Once your house is delivered we don’t stop there; our 5-year warranty ensures that you move in and live worry-free in your tiny house. We won’t abandon you after the 5-year warranty period either, as we have a maintenance service you can opt for to ensure a hassle-free tiny experience.

We believe, that a tiny house becomes truly a "HOME" when it is built on the desires, wishes, and imagination of our customers. 
Hence why we aim to personalize each tiny house we build. Now we have selected a few of our favorites for you. 
Looking for inspiration? Scroll down.