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Personalize your Tiny or Modular House.



Transylvanian tradition and handcraft has some unique and beautiful characteristics to it.

Our initiative is to showcase local handcrafted products and present their minimalist and eco friendly approach that blends perfectly with our minimalistic Tiny houses.

Therefore you can find below contacts to some of the local men and women who produce these stunning products. Through this web page you can reach out to these local craftsmen, artists and support their work by buying their products.


Through my products, I would like to emphasize the importance and essence of detailed workmanship and energy that goes into making them.


So What Is This Favolart About? We are a family, living at the edge of a small village in Transylvania just steps away from the woods. I am the one who draws all the illustrations, while my husband assembles all the different products.


BbeatriceDraws is a plastic-free and eco-friendly designer brand. We create our products to promote sustainable living and help You achieve it. We make limited collections of unique, durable products with clean, modern design.

Levendula Ház

Levendula Ház is a small family-owned and run business that started in 2014. Mommy dreamt it, the daddy helped to make the dreams become reality. Mommy takes care of the plantation and the products (along with help from the grandparents) and daddy handles sales and marketing.

Inizza Glass Design

Our recycled glass jewelry and eco-design products have a unique yet simple style. We Rethink glass!

Barabás Design

We, here at Barabas Design’s workshop are still at work even in these challenging times. As long as we have orders, we fulfill them. Besides this, we put work into materializing our ideas and to put a smile on our client’s face.

Moorsini Sewing Design

Our story began with the production of unique, creative gifts. We were determined to put a smile on people’s faces, giving them the opportunity to surprise each other with unique gifts.

Explore Lamps

A dark room is perfect for sleeping, but good lighting can create a unique atmosphere. LIFEBLOOD table lamps can supply a perfect light source for any kind of room and situation.

Barta Lóránd

A dark room is perfect for sleeping, but good lighting can create a unique atmosphere. LIFEBLOOD table lamps can supply a perfect light source for any kind of room and situation.


We are a family of young design-enthusiasts who create wood lamps. We love the minimal geometric and the simple floral forms too. The lamps create a lovely atmosphere in your house.

Goblin Garden

In our flower shop, you can find different handcrafted arrangements from living flowers or dried and preserved ones. With these, we make your home more friendly and cozy. We love new challenges and we do our best to complete them. We make every single creation with passion.

Bee Happy

My main activity is to create different specialties from honey. I produce different variants of “honey-cream” and various bee products, like mint and cocoa honey, cinnamon honey, or blueberry honey-cream, honey with dried leaves, or even various seeds.


Those who really like this rare craft, surfing this page can feel themselves at home, and can easily get a closer look at corn husk twining techniques. We want to share these values hoping that there are many other people around the world who can appreciate this kind of activity.

Makrame Wall Art and Home Decor

Makrame ArtStudio was born out of my passion for interior design and love for natural fibers.

Kinga's Magical Craft

Each piece of carpet is unique and has a soul! The space that we live in is determined by the harmony of colors and has a great impact on our mood. I like to fulfill the unique requests and help my clients choose a suitable color combination for their homes.

Janenci Kreativ

I make various handicrafts and jewelry. I work from baked plastic, but I like to use natural materials to make decorative or utility items. I am interested in reclaiming materials and I like to use them in my products.

Mozaik Decor

I mainly create weddings and other event decorations, but throughout this pandemic, my passion for macramé got the best of me. I started to create wall hangings and plant hangers out of thick 100 % recycled cotton yarn. I prefer asymmetrical designs and vibrant colors. All of my pieces are unique and custom-made.