Can Eco Tiny Houses be delivered anywhere?

Yes, we only need a road on which we can tow your tiny house to your address.

Is financing available?

We are looking for financing solutions and we will update this information on our website once we have anything concrete.

Does ETH come fully constructed or do I need to do work on it?

Both options are available. You may opt for a fully furnished tiny house or a semi-finished one which you can finish yourself.

Does ETH Tiny House come with a warranty?

Eco Tiny House warrants the following: 5 years for the structure; 1 year for the plumbing, electrical installations, roofing, windows & doors, and the household appliances will come with separate warranty from the producers.

Can I customize my ETH Tiny House?

Yes, all our tiny houses are custom made based on the needs and preferences of our clients. Therefore, you are welcome with your own design and ideas.

Can ETH houses operate off-grid?

We have the OFF-GRID Package available which consists of: water tanks for fresh and grey water, water pumps, gas installation running on gas bottle, a photovoltaic system.

What does delivery cost?

The delivery is calculated based on the length of the tiny house and it usually cost 1.1 –2.0 euro / km from our atelier in Miercurea-Ciuc, Romania.

How quickly can I have my Tiny House?

Depending on the production schedule and the accessories you choose, in as little as 180 days.

How much does ETH Houses cost?

Prices vary considerably by model, ranging from 28.850 to 56.000 euro (before VAT). Just choose a model and we will discuss your preferences, and based on this we will make you a price offer.

Where I can see ETH Models live?

Eco Tiny House has its factory in Transylvania, in a city called Miercurea-Ciuc and you can see models here.

What permits do I need to tow a Tiny House?

To tow a Tiny House, you will need a driving license category B+E, or a good friend that has it.

What about maintenance of ETH House?

Your new ETH House has little to no maintenance. The unit is designed to be wallet friendly. Low electricity bills, if any, in case you have solar power and water consumption depends entirely on your life style. Depending in your location, a recoating of the unit is recommended every 3-5 years, if you did not choose our 50 years guaranteed siding.

Can ETH houses be used in extreme climates?

Yes, they are insulated to withstand cold winters and hot summers.

Can I have my tiny house furnished?

Yes, you can. We have a full list of furnishing options such as full kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

Can I remove the tiny house from the trailer?

Yes, all our tiny houses are built in such way that you can easily remove it from the tiny house using four legs.

How do I connect utilities?

ETH houses have easy to access hook ups for electricity, water and sewer, usually under the trailer. Our houses are designed to be simple to hook-up and easy to use.

Will I receive my tiny as they can be seen on the pictures and photos on the website?

All pictures and photos shown are for illustration purposes only. Your actual tiny will most likely be different due to the fact that it will be customized to your needs. Please carefully read the descriptive and/or quotation provided by our Customer Care Representatives; these documents will contain the exact details of your tiny.