Join the increasingly popular wave of tiny house solutions and shape the future of sustainable tourism with us. Diversify your accommodation offering or inject new life into your tourism business by introducing an exciting, new product.

Experience-based, premium accommodation

We are proud to see our partners growing with Eco Tiny Hous, opening up new and new locations since the inception of their project.

Tiny Seaside

Surrounded by breathtaking views of the sea, you can experience the impressive sunrises and sunsets from Scandinavia's first tiny house camp-resort.

Tiny Parks

At TinyParks you are assured of a wonderful "escape" at a beautiful countryside.


Going back to nature doesn’t mean to compromise. Comfort came first. Our luxurious cabins are there for you so you can feel closer to your partner and nature.

Visit our

We want our tiny house production to be transparent, so if you want to see how the building of your tiny house is going, you are more than welcome to visit our factory and see our team's work process.

FEELMORE, a tiny house accommodation franchise, reached out to us with an ambitious project: they built a business plan to become the biggest premium tiny house accommodation brand in Eastern and Central Europe. In close cooperation we developed a premium tiny house prototype as well as a smart sauna concept.

After consulting, we successfully developed the FEELMORE tiny house concept that ended up being one of our standard models: Tiny Amsterdam. Experience-based, premium accommodation, where the guests can meet nature without compromises, and enjoy luxurious wellness services in Eco Tiny House’s smart sauna solution.