Why do so many generations like tiny homes?

          Tiny homes are more and more popular nowadays. The idea started in the late 1990s, and back then few people thought that it would become so popular. In those times, people preferred large houses with big rooms and lots of unused space. Our world has changed a lot and many of us realized that it is more convenient, sensible and eco-friendly to live in cosy tiny houses. They are much cheaper and they let you lead a simpler and freer lifestyle. These are just some of the reasons why their popularity is still growing among all homebuyers, but especially among those over 50.

The environmental benefits these tiny houses offer are also key reasons why many people choose them. If you live in a tiny house, you own a smaller place, so you do not have to pay huge bills, you do not possess unused objects, you have less waste and have a much more conscious lifestyle. Nowadays, when more and more of us are worried because of the future of our planet, these advantages of having a tiny house are very appealing.

The price of these tiny houses is also a key factor when choosing them as a home. During the pandemic, the costs of living and house prices are continuously rising, so many want to choose a home which is not just cosy and comfortable, but also affordable. Tiny homes are a perfect choice for those with fixed incomes or working low-paying jobs. Young people who have just started their career also choose tiny houses with low costs and affordable prices, because they are not willing to work more and pay more debts since they already have student loans or medical debt. They would rather choose a much freer lifestyle living in tiny homes than living in spacious houses and working long hours in order to be able to pay for the huge costs of living. Buying a tiny house can significantly reduce the stress caused by financial problems and also offer a simpler and freer lifestyle, thus improving the quality of life.

By living in a tiny house, one can considerably contribute to protecting the environment. There are more and more studies which prove that their ecological footprint is considerably reduced. Since the maintenance of smaller houses requires fewer resources and lets the owner of the house lead a minimalist lifestyle, it is safe to say that the ecological footprint is instantly reduced. Sustainability, simplicity and minimalism are the leading principles in decorating, furnishing and maintaining a tiny house. However, this can be difficult for some, because we have got used to possessing too many unused objects and living in houses with unused space, so such a shift to a much more conscious lifestyle can be overwhelming. Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of can cause stress and difficulties, but it is worth the effort, because letting go of unnecessary possessions will make you feel good and give you satisfaction.

On the other hand, choosing to live in a tiny home will allow you to get creative and decorate, personalize your home as you wish. There are infinite design possibilities which make your home unique and beautiful and you will realize how many creative, sensible solutions there are to store and display your memories and personal things.

Tiny houses can be built almost everywhere because they do not need a large free land and they can be built for the fraction of the cost of a traditional house. These factors make tiny houses reachable for many people including those who have faced serious social problems in their lives, but succeeded in overcoming them and now want a stable and secure home for them and their families. Single mothers, people who lost their jobs but successfully are back on track, even homeless people who receive help from civil organizations, generally those who faced major problems in life, can afford buying a tiny home. The availability of tiny houses is constantly growing because of the advantages they offer: low costs, a freer, cheaper, simpler lifestyle and creative, beautiful design.

We can conclude that tiny houses are a good option for every generation because they let us lead a freer, simpler, cheaper lifestyle, while offering the chance to have a real unique, personalized, beautiful and cosy home everyone could wish for.