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Our workshop is located in Transylvania, middle of Romania. The place where the mountains and nature give us the motivation to wake up every day and make something special and different.

Eco Tiny House was founded in 2017 by engineer Szakács Botond with the cooperation of Antoine Dussenne. In 2019 they decided to continue on separate ways. Antoine's started to build static houses through his new company Modulary in Romania. Eco Tiny House continues to focus on mobile houses led by CEO Szakacs Botond.

Eco Tiny House it's not just a house, it's a value and future. Living in a small space with a big heart it’s a new lifestyle. Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone. Our teamwork helps us to grow every day and deliver happiness and smile on people's faces.

We are located in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, in a land of forest, bears, long winters, and traditional living where family is highly valued.

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Transylvanian company innovates to stay alive

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus across multiple countries has prompted many governments to introduce unprecedented measures to slow down the [...]

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Épített magának egy guruló faházat, idén egymillió eurót keres vele

A csíkszeredai Eco Tiny House vontatható, minimalista faházakat gyárt, és bár a verseny nagy, több európai piacon is megvetette már a lábát. Pedig Sza [...]

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Platz ist für die kleinste Hütte

Aus Not baute sich ein junges Architektenehepaar aus Rumänien ein Mini-Haus. Inzwischen beliefern sie Kunden aus ganz Europa. Auch in Berlin steht ein [...]

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