Tiny living and what changes in your routine

//Tiny living and what changes in your routine

Tiny living and what changes in your routine

A few items left around will change the look and feel of your house much faster than in a big sized home.

Reality of living in a tiny house – what changed in my routine, so it might change in yours?

First you have to clean and tidy up constantly

Why? Well the space is tiny, so dirty dishes in the sink will bother you, a towel left on the couch will bother you. When I lived in a house I used to be messy, leave my things everywhere. My “getting out of the shower routine” was leaving the towels everywhere in the house. Many things have changed since I moved in a tiny house- this included.

You tidy up and clean the house more often than you used to

Like I said, you will not want you tiny space to become tinnier because of the mess and things you left everywhere. This is why, I at least, clean every two days. This routine means cleaning floors, putting back books in the shelves, clearing the kitchen counter from unwanted items.

It’s takes little to become messy

With people coming in all the time and not taking their shoes off and me coming in and going out, it takes very little until the house floor looks like a war zone. Of curse the paws of my beloved dog helps the mess creation, but she is small, so are the paws so it doesn’t count.

This is mainly because I only have a staircase in front of the door. If I would have a wooden platform, not the bare ground with grass and mud, the shoes would kind of clean up by the time they reach inside the house.

The good sides of tiny living:

– It takes so little time to make this tiny house pico bello…. which means clean

It used to take me one hour and a half to clean a two-room apartment. I clean a tiny house in less than 20 minutes. One major factor is that I know where everything belongs back and where I find the cleaning stuff

– You know where everything is!! That is my favourite. I used to put things in places I never remembered and look for them sometimes days in a row, exhausted and find them eventually in some forgotten corner, no one would have thought of.

In a tiny house, you have fewer things, and less locker space…so you kind of know where every item lies.

So if your mom or friends call and say they arrive in 5 minutes- its kind of sufficient time to make the house look tidy.

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