Can I build my tiny house alone? Myth or reality

//Can I build my tiny house alone? Myth or reality

Can I build my tiny house alone? Myth or reality

My first post is called: Can I build it alone? Myth or reality..for a reason. It all started with my belief that DIY is for everyone. After watching Disney’s Ratatouille very often, where “everyone can cook” is the famous phrase –

I thought “everyone can build” comes natural.

Well in my case, it was a myth. So if you are one of the categories listed below, this post is not for you

  • a skilled woman with loads of carpentry practical knowledge
  • a power Frau, with an extraordinary physical strength
  • you have a closed friend (who loves you very very very much) with building experience and an engineer to give you the good advice
  • your father is a builder and he’ll do the job for his dear daughter
  • you have a couple of months to sacrifice for the build

But if you are a lassie with regards to building real structures, like I am, then you might want to read this.

Know this. I went to Eco Tiny House –the building company, with a dream bigger than my arms. I told them: I wanna build my tiny house and do half of the construction myself. You just built the important stuff and I will take it from there.

Imagine, five men hearing this and how the smile shinned on their faces. I thought they are underestimating me, but the one making the estimates wrong, was I.

Yes, I read about lots of people, who were building their tiny houses alone but witnessing the building of my house everyday, I felt powerless: I didn’t know which screwdriver goes for what hole, which nails are galvanized, which not, how thick should the nails be…and the list is endless. The only things I managed to do for my tiny was to put the rock wool insulation, paint the walls and floor. Inside I did all the decorations and some carpentry work like putting shelves, locks, door handles and stuff.

I am not saying you couldn’t do it. I am just saying it didn’t work for me.

I believe that every second you spend with your tiny house project, makes it more intimate for you and enriches the whole experience in ways beyond your expectations.

Here some serious resources for building alone:



I have bought the book and the full video series workshops of tinyhomebuilders.com and I want to credit the author who gave me a huge discount and helped me understand the process.

As a note, I suggest videos over books, because you understand much better by watching how its done, then by reading.

Please share your experience of building alone as a woman. I am not sexising (this word doesn’t exist but I like it), I just think men have, at least the physical power to withstand the effort needed in some stages of the building.




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